Frank Sinatra
Mack the Knife translation of lyrics

English translation of Mack the Knife by Frank Sinatra
Swinging hard, Jack, I know I cant lose
When I tell you, all about Mack the Knife babe
Its an offer, you can never refuse
We got Patrick Williams, Bill Miller playing that piano
And this wonderful, great big band, bringing up the rear
All these bad cats, in this band now
They make the greatest sounds, youre ever gonna hear
Oh Sookie Taudry, Jenny Diver, Polly Peachum, Old Miss Lulu Brown
Hey the line forms, on the right dear
Now that Macheath, that bum is back in town
Youd better lock your doors, and call the law
Because Mackies back in town

Music video Mack the Knife – Frank Sinatra

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