Гарик Сукачёв
Напои меня водой translation of lyrics

English translation of Напои меня водой by Гарик Сукачёв
Give me water
Your love,
Pure as a baby's soul.
Come to me with an arrow.
Amazing arrow
In your heart, in your heart.
I read your code,
Hidden in words
On a pale, paper sheet.
I close my eyes
And feel wind,
Forgotten by you
On the sand.
You see the lights dancing
Indian fires
On the faces of the leaders
The dead tribes.
Where closed cool,
Where hair pierced feather,
I dance the dance of fire.
Look at me and white wing
The Sirin touch the stream.
And Dawn will kiss Dawn,
And the dawn will Wake the pipe and call me.
I hear your sound, smell your smell.
I weave a network of fearful music,
To catch you laughing.
Give me the water of your love
Your love, your love.
Come to me with an arrow
Your love, your love, your love!

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