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Вальс "Москва" translation of lyrics

English translation of Вальс "Москва" by Гарик Сукачёв
Every evening yellow light of lanterns
Burns nights a fuse.
And the asphalt takes the kicks on the face and in the stomach.
Tired veins night underground at "zero"bet,
And waiting women with smiles of vicious old ladies,
And children who won't sleep.
I sing you song love, Moscow!
A city that feels no pain and spares no one.
I love you, Moscow, I'm your drunken child.
But I am born of you, and I will die with you.
He'll come home and take off his jacket
Go to the window and watch
On wires and on Windows " Pelmeni."
And when he's finished, he'll stand on a chair.
And throw a rope on a hook in the ceiling,
And check the reliability of the loop with his hands,
And then it would take off.
Red pattern lurking roofs,
Wet asphalt as last night's hashish,
Where, lurching, the cooled tube is again Protocol horn.
A glance from under the cap will scare the pigeons,
But shift to the left move blue trolley,
And yellow fingers gently embrace the black Domino brick.
I sing you song love, Moscow!
A city that feels no pain and spares no strangers.
I love you, Moscow, though I do not know why,
But I was born with you and I will die with you.
Bending slightly, she whispered,
But it was so noisy, and he thought,
That he hadn't heard, and she smiled,
And again said mouths.
He was as if drunk, as the boy, was fooling around,
And asked: "say it Again! Repeat!"
And in the dark front, standing on tiptoe:
"I love you! I love yoooou!"

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