Gigi D'Alessio
Una volta nella vita translation of lyrics

Also known as Tu non sei stato mai lyrics.

English translation of Una volta nella vita by Gigi D'Alessio
Pu? happen
That sometimes you think that
You are living a great love
What not!
You are convinced that
You're in love, and you're in love.
Just craving you!
Maybe you.
Are you lost because? you don't know.
Com? the story you're going to live.
(once in a lifetime
You know you happen to.
Don't you want a p? more?,
And positive
You were never
You're happy with what you have.)
Yeah, you breathe.,
Unaria nuova che ti ti?
The emotion of a sweet immensit?
And you realize that
You walk and you're not anymore? alone
Look next to you
There are two of you in the air now.
Yes, you are
Get anywhere you want.
Where you never believed.
(once in a lifetime
You know you happen to not want to have
Not even a p? more?,
And positive
You were never
Squeeze more? strong what you have.)
We (we) a closed world
Inside us.
The consolation of feeling loved and then.
To re-Love finch so much? you can
And your heart explodes
You don't die
But you want to die
And positive
You were never
Happy you are
Of what you have

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