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Toi Mon Demon translation of lyrics

Also known as Toi mon demon lyrics.

English translation of Toi Mon Demon by Gloria Lasso
You my demon
You're burning inside me
You my demon
You torture me and I love you
Sometimes I want to run away or revolt
But before you I have no will
Oh you my demon
When your eyes surprise me
In a thrill I think I'm losing my mind
Despite me, I feel like I'm bewitched by your voice.
And when you come crawling into my arms
Often I suffer your law!
You my Demon
Which I love and which damns me.
My horizon is your gaze that sets me aflame
You are the love that heaven has sent me
So that in my turn I cry for having made cry
But to keep you I would sell to my soul
And my pass against one of your kisses
No, don't laugh at that heart that only beats for you.
Don't laugh when you see my desarroi
Will what do you want from me?
You my Demon, tell me!

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