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English translation of Весна by Грай
The sun shone red, but the snow in the fields melted
White winged birds from the South returned to our native land
In the wind violent, ardent over the meadows blowing, whistling,
And spring is red, but clear is calling to sow the crop
Beautiful maidens sing, dance, driving, dancing
Young men of good name, no spring nothing more beautiful
Green meadows, red dawn in the sky
Xun river is singing us out spring calling
I will run in a pure field the Sun-father to meet
Breathe easy on the outside, the world I'm ready to hug
Bright Sun-Yarilo, all I'm ready to give
To Mother earth native continued life to give
Ardent flame fire still is burning but playing
Jumps, fun it, red girls convenes
Good fellows sing, Yes, spring krasava praise
In the blue sky over the forests all nightingales flying

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