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21st Century Breakdown translation of lyrics

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English translation of 21st Century Breakdown by Green Day
The scars on my hands and the means to an end
Is all that I have to show
I swallowed my pride and I choked on my faith
Ive given my heart and my soul
Ive broken my fingers and lied through my teeth
The pillar of damage control
Ive been to the edge and Ive thrown the bouquet
Of flowers left over the grave
I sat in the waiting room wasting my time
And waiting for Judgement Day
I praise liberty
The "Freedom to obey"
Its the song that strangles me
Well, dont cross the line
Oh, dream, America, dream
I cant even sleep
From the lights early dawn
Oh, scream, America, scream
Believe what you see
From heroes and cons

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