Gregor Meyle
Such Keinen Andren translation of lyrics

Also known as Such in mir keinen andren lyrics.

English translation of Such Keinen Andren by Gregor Meyle
Summer rain
Falls on my skin and on Asphalt
Easy Life
Forever I stay 15 years old
All my life
I'm already looking
Only I can find
What my heart desires
I understand you
But one is a seeker enough
Live with me! Stand by me!
The only thing that makes sense
Don't find another
Don't find another in me
Laugh with me! Wine with me!
You know who I am
Don't find another
Don't find another in me
Warm rain falls on me
If you touch me then
No more talking
Good that you also take my mind off
Your life
Are you already looking
Only you can find
What your heart desires
Live with me! Stand by me!.
Tell me if I'm for you
Then the right bin
I believe in us
Everything andre makes no sense
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