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Floyd Mayweather translation of lyrics

English translation of Floyd Mayweather by Gucci Mane
Im from costa east Atlanta, yeah the 6
I make one brick turn to two, I know a trick
Dont walk and limp my chopper is my walkin' stick
I done got that pack boy then I dip, Europe
You gave 25,000 dollars on a trip
I just-i just found out rats could use they lips
I got, I got, I got me a thirty round clip
I got one in the head, thirty one rounds on my hip
Aye, okay, Lil Dora said I would born with a steel
My lawyer say its guaranteed when he appeal
I got a bad bitch wit' me and yeah she strip
Im in Vegas spendin' thousand with my chips
I cant love these bitches, fell in love the rip
I was doin' this shit just for my peers
I would put inside my blood, my sweat, my tears
Do this shit all on my own, dont need no deal
Diamonds flawless 'round my neck, gave me a chill
Lately Ive been ...' on them
...' cross the world, these bitches killin' me
Flood her bank account with bands cause she feelin' me
... cash on delivery
If its a snake on my clothes then its ... G
I dont like police hoes, aint no cuffin' me
All my diamonds dancin' like they Bruce Lee
Check out my smile I got some new teeth
Pop a molly now Im in the ...' air
Cloud nine and Im smokin' like the ...' barrel
We at the club port, you ... never there
I wouldnt even care, lil bitch thats how it is
I do it for my fam, 20 racks on gifts
Bitch we blowin' gas, roll me up a spliff
Now what you think a young ... grindin' for?
I sip it till I sleep, might overdose
She made it out the hood and left that dope bowl
Get them bricks from my momma, she got truck loads
... you mean you get it from your man main ho? Yeah
Diamonds all on my chin, diamonds all on my fork
Piercin' in my nose, diamond in my nose
Giuseppe on the toes, diamonds on my toes
I just got a family pack of Gin and juice, damn
I just bought a chopper than Im ready to use, damn
I got a lot of bitches comin' by the twos
I got a lot of bitches, Balmain buy a few
Big di-diamonds but we call 'em jewels
All these racks think I sell dog foods
I spend thousand on my ...' shoes
Pull up in this Ave, it cost the Christian ...
... watch your mouth, we aint ...' cool
Boy you sell the, thats a ...' fool
Take this shit out and shoot

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