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Also known as Чемоданы стою собираю и, наверно, тебя обижаю lyrics.

English translation of Другой город by GUF
In other cities
(bluntcath production, UAT nigga?)
Quit Smoking two days ago
On servakah I blather, for sure, I'll go lie down
Thought for a couple of hours, will throw in the Parking
It came out for a long time, then I dropped anchor
Two years in a row
Not in his native land, as they say
My talent thanks to,
And in a dream I often see the Caspian sea lighthouse
See the courtyard that road
Was friends with whom and who was fighting
And even if years under forty
For once, I won't forget the image
The city in which childhood flew
Nine-storey buildings, scoop entrances
And the seats in the third row at school Desk
Where she was fidgeting and could not find the CE seat
Flipped through those years and here I am
Baku, except that in a family photo,
And then what? What's cold?
Dress warmly.
Fed the cat, poured tea
A couple of questions yourself asked
Years flew by
Mom, how are you?
Everything that is not done is for the best
Seven days a week, around the clock
Clouds are gathering over my homeland,
And I'm not the Chukchi, you know that I've got the torment
The owner of the tightening nut
Diameter is under my shurupchik
And I take the opportunity
Turn the rods in order to avoid a new coup
I don't miss Ivan Kuchin's tracks
I prefer a Cup of tea
And I'm trained, Yes
Staffik slouchy, I'm Joe twist
Mom said I'm the best
I'm like a little boy, always chasing punch.
I am again puzzled Muslim
I'm definitely evil, I can not folded
Yeah, I tried the Planch,
But I never was selling
I do almost nothing huachu,
But Russian rap, I must say that I just started
I just came out of hibernation
The left sleeve was stained with something
I caught a car, drove to my granddaughter
He waved and wished good luck to the dogs
Hometown I love you,
But I'm leaving you, I'm leaving you
I'm moving to another city now
The bags stand is harvested and probably hurt you
And the city will say, " Fuck here, fuck there?"
Say, "Because the bullets here, bullets there"
We were there at absolutely the best remote places,
But how many b right now places did not change, the prisoner did not cease to be
I have relatives in Baku
Called the other day
Know mom hipit at 60
She has a good son - that's my brother
And though I got used already here (in Moscow)
Mastered local budgets (aww yeah)
But I miss places from my childhood
I know there are things an order of magnitude higher
And not to forget their roots, too, heard,
But I'm a rap writer in Moscow
Baku hobo with a diploma in engineering oil rigs
Hometown I love you,
But I'm leaving you, I'm leaving you
I'm moving to another city now
The bags stand is harvested and probably hurt you

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