Наугад translation of lyrics

Also known as Болванка круглая, коробка квадратная lyrics.

English translation of Наугад by GUF
So fused is good or evil,
But I'm really lucky to have such a muslo.
Hour after hour, day after day, week after week
I'm getting much stronger.
Drifts gradually blurs the pouring rain,
And there was a faint light at the end of the tunnel.
I'm back in business, arms, legs seem intact.
Over time, as on dog heal wounds.
Some competitors ended up in a loss.
In the head themselves are born evil plans.
The wrong man was attacked, boys, a mistake.
What makes you think you can call me brother?
And why did you decide that you have the right to decide for everyone.
I'm slow, and someone up quickly.
It's hard to accept. Everything seems happy
They dance to the same tune, but for some reason he does not.
This friend turned out to be a thoughtful fruit,
They love him, he's from here and knows what's going on.
He can ruin everything for someone in a second.,
This may annoy this obliku.
Well throw him a package of white powder in the Honda
Or to intimidate in savage, well, something like that, Yes.
I'm always around if you need me.
Have bats and truth, helps the beard.
The blank is round, the box is square.
Alexey Dolmatov, two zero one two.
- Th, so leave or reread?
POH left. Let's hit the road.
I'd forgotten how great it was.:
To realize that the recorded track was blown up.
Coming from the microphone. And want to eat on.
When it's real, when rap makes you gawk.
For me it is important that everything was so.
I, say, can't bring myself to write.
But sometimes there can remain silent for a year.
Just something wrong, it could be anything.
Until I feel a breeze of courage.
I don't make a fake mess, I keep waiting.
Not write a few lines for a great time.
I go and rejoice in the quality of new roads.
I mean the asphalt, which was changed again.
Thank You, Mr Sobyanin. But here comes a reminder.
I don't know if I'm explaining it right.
It's like you're on your third big date.
When you somehow know in advance,
That you do something real, it's indescribable.
And on the way back from the Studio to listen to a demo with friends.
And if everyone liked it, that's a thrill.
I love doing it with passion,
And all the time I act according to tradition at random.
The blank is round, the box is square.
Alexey Dolmatov, two zero one two.

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