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Also known as Выдох-вдох, выдох-вдох lyrics.

English translation of Выдох-вдох by GUF
Exhale-inhale. (I!)
I have lost all fear
My fans are all swearing at me
They have nothing to put their mothers
(Gough does not release new material!)
Don't cry, children
And calm your mother
Uncle Alex will answer all the questions
A lot of Muse on the way
Same as usual
I'm not naming any names
Like you can't see what I bichu
But anyone I bichu, you definitely understand
Buy not only he
Check out the whole battalion
Who will behave
It will be clear then
Gradually Shalom
So we live, everything goes on as usual
Only on stage three, then home sweet home
Home, sweet home! Well done, welcome
In 2007
I left the neighborhood, recorded an album.
Rocked the people on the Swing
And I somehow believe that now tear
Everything is under control
The sun rises over the first hill
I'll be waiting for you at seven.
But it will be soon, and then we'll grind
For MCAD have one hundred and forty
And I will never let
Doing something like that on my turf.
That some of us are not satisfied
This is our city, we're building it brick by brick
We are already far more than three, then a bunch of decent
Yes, I am not a warrior, and you know perfectly well who I am
My name is simple, but I'm not easy
What is it?
Sit on your throne, wait-wait
I canceled all my tours
He went to the sea and did not understand what sucks?
We know the passwords
You're not a superhero
But if someone in my town yells that he's the king
It will be the naked king
I smell staffik not bad
But I don't care, ashes - on the floor, exhale-inhale
I'll go West, because Lech is not a sucker
It's gonna be fucked, God knows
Exhale-inhale, exhale-inhale
God knows, exhale, inhale, who are you?
Exhale-inhale, exhale-inhale
Exhale-exhale, exhale-exhale, exhale-inhale

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