И стар, и млад translation of lyrics

Also known as Бэттлит честной народ lyrics.

English translation of И стар, и млад by H1gh
All who are with me - salute!
Don't egg me - I'm standing my ground,
I live on my own two feet, a variety of songs are.
Only because those who are not interesting score.
And Chicks firing obliquely, not seeing beyond the nose,
They say: "His balls to rival most big Russian Boss".
Who shoots and smokes nervously, who fell with a chair Nemo,
Because the trend of eggs Haya, just like the cheekbone Nala.
Believe battlesim rows do not believe my actions!
After all, scrawled on the fence high-the last ska.
Wrote that he wanted, not battle went everywhere not in the footsteps,
Ah! So schmuck, then conscience did not arrive!
PAH! I have long collected the lines on a long journey.
Everyone who is against close elinic let.
And I'll just give you what I want, anyway.,
If you don't want to, you can go!
Ballet young and old alike,
Ballet sister and brother,
Betclic honest people,
Battling now fashion fashion!
Don't be afraid, fight! I tell myself every day.
Every night. Every morning.
But why battlethe if battled every Gono, and even each fly?
If you still see flies in and flies one in both ear.
I've been writing this for years. Check out that line, come on.
Okay, I'll go for Dolotov ... bottom,
But I won't be a ... beggar like these Fuckers.,
Again someone pompous, I know, them only give food,
But I fight alone every day, like a Tattoo Theme.
Yes, I sound like under pitches, but their bite as the Pinscher,
Rap is not something crazy stuffed. I'm bringing you personal.
It's comeback. Again, life is not a fountain,
Wrote trap because it never lived.
Not lost, though it's just "Angry and young" Ep
And I'll stay if you remove both the voice and the beat.
Ballet young and old alike,
Ballet sister and brother,
Betclic honest people,
Battling now fashion fashion!(2 p)
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