Ростов-папа translation of lyrics

Also known as Без слов, безусловно, безусловно lyrics.

English translation of Ростов-папа by Хамиль
Shape, dust, secretive building
As always modern, antique haughty
Crossroads began stealing
He stands at the cradle of the Caucasian brotherhood
Here, where the stars see people's thoughts
Where the neon lights watch the shadow dance
Singing the rustle of bridges, snatches of dreams
Its dark waters roll don through the years
Look up, flying flock of clouds
Weak visible beam
Light heat a special gift
Day change, that the balance of yesterday's topics
Preparing morning gray walls
Just Shine wet roads
The asphalt reflects the text
Other places around the clock
At this time sets the rhythm of the new day
Rostov, who received the informal title of Pope
Majestic Rostov-Papa
Gates of the Caucasus, the bosom of wild excitement
And I don't care if everyone agrees with me
Who was here once
My spirit
Senses a breath of the streets of your
Notices traces of changes in your manners
The ear catches the rhythm of the nights
Fear of the unknown draws neeea
Without words, certainly, certainly
Such is the city warmed by the faith of the gray dogs
Every day supports the tone of
Your ruthlessly clever, hard-romantic way
Without words, certainly, certainly
Such is the city warmed by the faith of the gray dogs
A series of persons about ambition in the sky forever
A flock of birds draws infinity
Vanity as a prize here will remain forever
Despite the times
Imprint risky ideas, plus betting strategy
Determine the result, personal skill
Fear brings failure, the plan takes a big swing,
But disappears
The die is cast, the price is too high
Hey, careful! The way back is impossible
The boys here find everything from ghostly happiness
Before initiation into the secrets of thieves ' passion
I see lead sunset
Melts in the sky, casting the night? casts
A million lights, like losses
A million ways to the night door
Echo sudden partings, this daily round
Completes random leisure
Traditionally, modest plot, anything
Make Dutch smoke or enjoy cable porn
Flash behind large glass lanterns Rostov
Bro, slow down, let's go to the Garden
Flight to the rhythm of the glare of the traffic light
Aah! Dope.
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