Haus Aus Glas translation of lyrics

Also known as In diesem Haus aus Glas lyrics.

English translation of Haus Aus Glas by Haudegen
The Gelander are rusted,
The levels of mud and full of dirt
And everyone wonders what it costs,
Poltergeists lurking there around the corner
The door's all open,
The Wind creeps quietly through every room
Here I feel lost,
Only the silence I can trust'n
I bring a stone to roll
In this house made of glass
I leave a pile of shards of Gluck
I put the time on my knees
In the house made of glass,
But to my luck missing a little piece
Neon tubes are broken,
Wild slogans decorate every wall
All the pictures are torn,
The old days are buried there in the closet
In the corridors is the Rest of last autumn
Here I feel like born dead,
Nothing is worth more
I bring a stone to roll
In this glass house.
The old spirits are deeply hurt,
A fresh Wind nourishes the old spirit
Here I am at home, this is my time,
I open up and collect stones
I bring a stone to roll
In this glass house.

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