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Ode A La Vie translation of lyrics

Also known as Ode a la vie lyrics.

English translation of Ode A La Vie by High Power
You old lady, you've spent your life
To wipe your groundhog to wipe your husband
Put away the bottles, which he emptied every night.
The misery has raped you to the bottom of your bed
Ode to life
Ode to life, ha.
Your youth, it died the day you were born
In the belly without joy of a mother without pity
The filth was your first pillow.
A bird picked up was your best toy
Ode to life
You didn't have time to think about leaving.
A man once pulled you out of that son of a bitch.
He broke the child you never were.
And your belly grew without ever surprising you
Ode to life
For you the old one who will disappear tomorrow
As you have lived, without hatred or joy
I who sprung from your gut, I who was you
Before you leave, I want you to know that deep down
Ode to life
Before you leave, I want you to know that deep down inside
A little old lady who hardly spoke
Warmed up my dreams, when my nights were cold
Don't forget you old woman, I Your son I love you
Ode to life

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