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English translation of Глаза любви by Игорь Крутой
To love is first of all to give.
Love - hence their feelings, like a river,
With spring generosity spill
To the delight of a loved one.
To love is only to open your eyes
And to think even with dawn:
Well, what would please, bestow
The one you love with all your heart?!
To love is to fight passionately
For loyalty and word and every glance,
To were hearts until the end of their
And in sorrow and in joy forever near.
Does love wait? Of course he is!
And tenderness and warmth awaits, but only
Accounting calculations does not lead:
Given so much, taken so much.
Love is not a piggy Bank in the dark.
A song doesn't tend to shut itself up.
To love is to respond with joy
All the good things on earth!
To love is to see any object,
Feeling near native soul:
Here was the book-had he read it or not?
Pear And as him this pear?
Nothing? Why? Why nothing?!
Sometimes even a drop of life is saved.
Love - is happiness cherry banner,
A trifling happiness does not happen!
Love - not continuous fireworks passions.
Love is true in the life of hands,
She is not afraid of any black days,
No seduction, no separation.
To love is to protect the truth,
Even rebelling against the entire universe.
Love is in sorrow to be able to forgive
All except meanness and treachery.
Love means as many times as you want
We are proud to withstand all the hardships,
But never, not even in the hour of death,
Not to accept the humiliation!
Love - not mindless merry bow
And no accusations that hit in the ribs.
To love is to have talent,
Maybe the biggest and kindest.
And to hell with pathetic reasoning,
All feelings will disappear, as in sand water.
Temporary only hobby.
Love same, as the sun, lives always!
And I don't care about cynical laughter
Someone star heights not to measure.
After all these poems my only for those,
Who heart is capable to love and to believe!

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