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English translation of Только для тебя by Игорь Крутой
I Want To Be with You even where there are no words and no hope,
Even where, perched on rocks, darkened dawn,
Where the exploded wind rips off the clothes on the body,
Where the grey-haired, wrinkles life, dexterously confusing trace
I Want To Be with You even if it's a muddy mountain,
Even if, by putting my shoulder, I fall off the cliff,
Even if the enemies we'll be with you in captivity,
Even if there's a rancid sadness in the heart
I Want To be With You even if the price is tears,
If you have to give your life - I will, believe me!
Even if between us sweeping the age-old cold,
I'll look for you like a weak, wounded beast
I Want to Be with You even if my friends deny it,
If life puts a trap in my way,
Even if dreams only a slap in the face ringing merge,
I will not falter I will always follow you
I Want To be With You even if you can't hear me,
If the world splits in half and pays me back,
I want to be with you every moment the one you breathe,
Let me just touch your lonely hand
I pain your always carry,
Pain without love, without affection, the pain of separation.
Wringing my own hands,
I dedicate this pain to you
I dedicate this pain to you.
Words I won't have to say,
And again, heart beating like crazy,
Trying to resist fate.
I dedicate his knock to you
I dedicate his knock to you,
It in webs is given by a fraction,
And my heart fills with blood,
The soul cries out in unimaginable prayer.
I dedicate this cry to you
I dedicate the cry of my soul to you,
Perhaps it will fall on your soul,
And truth about my love will reveal,
So life went against fate.
I dedicate my life to you

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