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Весь мир - любовь translation of lyrics

English translation of Весь мир - любовь by Игорь Крутой
All the world of love to your feet I lay,
In earthly happiness believing and not believing,
The rain confessions hands will fall
With bubbling passion music APR.
Destiny is not correctable track,
Errors prepared for the zigzags,
Went into oblivion paths of life,
Leading into rocky ravines.
At the shore of hope calls splash
To relieve the chills of hard-won truths
And not to hide in the eyes of the icy luster
And grief-stricken thoughts.
Will you forgive?. And I will forgive,
I won't blame her for the pain and sadness.
The warm embrace of feelings will raise,
So bloomed a bouquet of incredibly.
Moonlight streams through the window,
To those that I held so dear and Luba.
Forgotten us kissing color
Dyed again dried lips.
Look how I watercolor
Over our river, as if burned,
Where he rises again on the blue bed
Dawn from heaven beauty Nude!
Yesterday spring broke the ice,
And tomorrow the cranes sing wearily
About how we all night long
Each other in this life lacked.
(Yuri Ishkov)

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