Игорь Крутой
Я скучаю по тебе даже когда сплю translation of lyrics

English translation of Я скучаю по тебе даже когда сплю by Игорь Крутой
I'm behind you
Talk to me
Don't torture me with silence,
Talk to me Please
Come sit Next to me but how far away can you be when
There, far in the offense, among their grievances
You see I'm sorry I'm not right All
In me belongs to you, when
You're the one song that to me sounds,
But when you are silent, the heart screams again!.
I miss you even in my dreams,
Where the litter of empty days -
A hurrying trickle, like sand in a clock,
Falling to dust
And Wake up again from the cry I:
"Where are you?."But quiet
Night and crawls fear:
I'm lost in dreams
You where to find
What to say don't look For all the words that
Will be able to warm and save the simple,
It's like life, where you are, where you're with me
You one, you one song the, that in me sounds,

Music video Я скучаю по тебе даже когда сплю – Игорь Крутой

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