Игорь Латышко
Самая красивая translation of lyrics

English translation of Самая красивая by Игорь Латышко
I In The Eyes Of Your Tone
I Can't Get Enough Of It
Like Summer Dawn
Quietly Looks At Me
I've Been Looking For You All My Life
All Hopes And Dreams
Only Near Be With You
All I Need Is You
PR. Only You You You, You The Most Beautiful
Only You You You, You Not Reflective
Only You You You, You The Most Coveted
And Night And Day You In Heart Of My Long-Awaited
forget about everything
When Near You With Me
Fly Into The Clouds
And Sadness, And My Sadness
I've Waited So Long For You
Have You Become My Destiny
You Came To Me From Heaven
Radiant Star

Music video Самая красивая – Игорь Латышко

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