In Extremo
Tannhuser translation of lyrics

English translation of Tannhuser by In Extremo
Ez is hiute a wunnychlicher tac
Nu phlege myn the dingewalte
Daz I myt selden m? Ze essence
And gebuze myne groze sculde
Wente her help me wolge mac
So I keep the selle myn
Daz I v? Are sunden Sy recover
Unde daz I irwerbe of God ...
Nu give me so constant courage
Daz the libv? Rdiene so
Daz MYR got thank m? Ze
Daz myr daz the end of g will? Door
And ouch, the sele will vro
MYN will divorce s? Ze

Music video Tannhuser – In Extremo

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