Pyromaani translation of lyrics

Also known as Voi unohtaa lyrics.

English translation of Pyromaani by Indica
A pyromaniac who writes his daily book
It's pointless to burn the pages later
Even if he wants to, he'll never be able to change.
When you can't get anything Old Love
Fire will re-ignite
No one can understand a dream
It's the most beautiful thing in the land
When you Come Dancing
Forget it
It's the most beautiful thing in the land
When you Come Dancing
Forget it
Another wait for the end of the world or hops
Someone swallows the sleeping pills
Lie down until
Falling down to sleepfalling down to sleep
The most beautiful reality
He worships the God of Yo
Who carries the scepter
That can change in a moment
You don't have to carry the past with you.
Someone's saying pretty words
Painting the faces of an angel on the clouds
Though bitterness tears my heart
When it's time to leave
But the angel with the White Wing didn't come for me
Hey mika's waiting
But the man in the black cape didn't come for me
He was alone to slaughter
Neither did he.
Is there anything else?
Who's gonna save me, or is it just black
I think I don't belong
I dream of a different kind
So I'll make a more beautiful world
I'll disappear into my dreams
Who knows what's real
Some say I'm running away
When I lock the windows and doors
But I will make a new world
More beautiful than before
I know
It's real.

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