Black Bandana translation of lyrics

Also known as Man woulda kidnap your sister, beat up your bredda lyrics.

English translation of Black Bandana by Irah
Some likkle man fi know
A Killaman name you no fi call out
Gunshot buss, headtop fall out
One man diss me? Know youll see all
The whole of mi Cemetery Warriors dem ah crawl out
Pon you and your stinking friends and your ends
Thats why di gun dem bark out
We have nuttin' fi talk 'bout
Black bandana
And when we roll out inna black bandana
Black bandana
When we ah shoot on the camera
Bassline beat and a balalala
We nuh tek talk from no man, gun dem long
Roll out inna black bandana
When we roll out inna black bandana
Bwoy cant diss Killaman in any manner
Man woulda kidnap your sister, beat up your bredda
And run, bax up your mother, oh
Black bandana pon face
'cause Cctv ah catch badman face
Sniper from a long distance, midday
Not Call of Duty, man ah play
Rpg and gun and grenade
Just dash front room, we wan' clear out space
Know say that man are badboy any day
And we nuh tek chat or thump inna face
Fifty-calibre shot inna face
See the gun what me have? Cant carry pon waist

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