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English translation of Княжна by Ирина Аллегрова
Was Yes splyl, something has been forgotten -
Time sped away, though cry.
The rose closed, my heart went cold,
Life in the corners spread.
Was loved, was - forgive,
Believed, All Ahead.
But became my cute, as it turned out,
To best friend walk!
And let now I one,
And let not the wife,
As gentle as she,
But not necessary
I'll stand by the window,
I'll give you a look like a Princess,
But I won't forgive, I won't.
The house never.
It can dream, can seemed
In the sea of everyday grievances
Everything was so beautiful in the beginning,
And only me you loved.
Nights forgotten, there is no blame,
But I'm not mad at you.
We haven't been married for six months,
But I still do.

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