Ирина Богушевская
Офелия translation of lyrics

English translation of Офелия by Ирина Богушевская
Through the years they wander,
His sadness carrying in their portfolios.
Along the streets where the lights are shaking,
Flying swarms abandoned Ofeli.
Ophelia, wait!
My prayers remember,
About fairy.
You keep your wings up your sleeves,
That's your cross to bear not prevent the wings.
One hundred of sweet, heart breaking,
In a hundred distant countries from you hid.
Ophelia, wait!
You love each of them,
Oh, fairy!
Where the dust of the day had settled,
Where heels knocking like castanets,
You'll be hailed from the crowd
And invited to dance to the rhythm of summer.
Ride easy, spin!
While our affectionate life.
Along the streets, along the night lights,
Carrying their loss as trophies,
She was flying and the shadow behind her.
It burns, butterfly, Psyche.
In a wreath of unloved hands
Burns, for the ice around,
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