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The Bishop the power of God,
Seal ring bonded solution,
Give lecherous girl Anna
Holy fire for purification.
But, that sinful its beauty
Men were captivated, destroyed immediately,
And those provide miracle such
Dropped honor, lost the mind.
Those who saw the girl naked
Its despised in the hour of bathing,
Hands trembled, voice broke,
When we were taking them to the ...
The executioner that succumbed to the charms of her,
And spells all night he whispered:
Oh, Anna, Anna, Saint Anna,
Oh, Anna, Anna, Holy Anna!
And that's a huge bonfire burning,
And marvel people see:
Fire girl hugging,
Caressing her shoulders and Breasts.
And the fire died down in a high hail
Blacker than black metal,
And people all, and Bishop the old
All whisper in unison: Saint Anne!
Saint Anne, forgive us our sins
For what thy soul ...,
Holy Anna, we will build a temple in honor of the virgin that was called lascivious!

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