Ирина Ежова
Маленькая девочка с панели translation of lyrics

English translation of Маленькая девочка с панели by Ирина Ежова
The little girl from the panel
She has neither bed nor shelter,
Neither father nor mother does not remember,
With children's years of wandering without a home.
In bars, taverns she dances,
With the men drinking, walking, Smoking,
And in the mist of a drunken has glasses,
And happiness is not seen.
From what you I fell in love,
And now forget you not in forces,
I see it in your green eyes,
Plagued you longing and ate it.
You're worn out by longing, exhausted,
But who needs love girls street,
Why do you need a shabby body,
Which burned out a long time ago.
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