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Малолетка translation of lyrics

Also known as Вся дрожишь от лютого мороза lyrics.

English translation of Малолетка by Ирина Ежова
All shivering from the bitter cold
You walk on the pavement,
You grip the cigarette tightly
A small, cold hand.
Snow falls on your eyelashes
And from mascara under eyes dirt.
I can't get my head around it
That you gave yourself to someone else.
It was at your friend's,
It was a noisy party.
Head folded on both hands
You sat silently by the window
Some guy came up to you.
He whispered something in her ear.
And your soft lips
I licked the lipstick off your lips.
Buttons from first to last
You hand timidly plucked.
And from the next room
The music was familiar.
And in the morning you get up all scared,
Say: Oh, how long I slept.
And press the torn buttons,
Knowing what is no longer needed.
All shivering from the bitter cold
You walk on the pavement.
Throw your cigarette butt on the road,
Sparks fly on the pavement.
And sitting in a taxi, and crying out loud
You wave at a passerby.
And the word youngster
He will leave you forever.

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