Ирина Ежова
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English translation of Малыш by Ирина Ежова
Why are you standing there like a statue
I don't recognize you at all
See baby boys senior
Take away your girl (your)
She goes and smiles
They see everything resolved,
And under you land swinging
And your eyes are dark
You had everything as it should be
You sent her notes at school
Took me to the movies, fed me ice cream.
And even once kissed
Now, kid, get out of here.
And do not look with anguish in the Wake
With such excitement and such despair
You're only sixteen years old
Years will pass and you will grow up
And here comes your turn
The girl is sweet and very gentle
He'll call you with him
And you will go, and the poor young man
With a longing look you in the trail
Don't feel sorry for him he's still a baby
He's only sixteen years old.

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