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Планета Тгк translation of lyrics

English translation of Планета Тгк by Jahmal TGK
THC Planet 174,
Listen to us in your apartment or in your car,
Flying on the highway, ...,
Listen to us in ecstasy, or when a fight.
Go ... nuts when those who are above,
You know, we gave them up.,
Listen to us in the car, or on the streets of the city " Chile",
Planet Of The Tag 174.
Cranes, advertising screens,
Red bricks, Windows, deviatiny long,
Look, confused, muddled their way,
I don't give a ... about horse meat.
Volume to half, speed to half,
Up to half of the SIG, half life, ...,
Half a Giga on the screw,
I'm half drunk, there is Satya.
I'm not a traveling son, sorry, mom.,
Artem was raised, and raised Us,
In the yards of booze, floated our crowd at the Rio,
Our path gave us dreams.
Bridges, a police post, later,
Stars on water, cold air,
Sad, empty, but passable,
Songs you all-this seriously.
Thoughts in the wind, city, Th we,
Together, every day, every day we hang,
Wednesday, saturday, ..., friday
Everything in my notebook

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