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My Girl Josephine translation of lyrics

English translation of My Girl Josephine by Jerry Lee Lewis
Proud as Artaban
Naughty for a peacock
Superb haughty, glorious
It's all so boring.
He sends flowers
Like a rapist for a child
And takes pride in his mother and father
In his tower of Divinity
His Highness taunts the world
To the glory of his perch
And never let it fall
The torso bombs, the crete levee dorgueil inflated
Set on its pins his pride outrageous
They don't listen to each other, they listen to each other.
Her lideal mirror for her logorrhee
When you have nothing to lose, you have everything to gain
He's so afraid of losing, thinks he's got it all.
He sees hatred in the eyes of his subjects.
Wait, private protect love and beauty
Dla beauty, dla beauty, dla beauty

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