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The Worst translation of lyrics

Also known as But I love you lyrics.

English translation of The Worst by Jhene Aiko
I should have figured, though,
All that shit you was spittin', so unoriginal,
But it was you, so I was with it,
And tell you the truth, wish we never did it,
Cause I usually do stick to the business,
But you came outta the blue and then you just flipped it.
Goddamn, baby, my mind's blown,
I be forgettin' you live in a different time zone,
I think I know what this is,
It's just the time's wrong,
And, yeah, I know what you did,
But, baby, I'm grown,
And my love is patient
And kind, and shit.
If this is real, we can build
Through different types of shit,
If you was really the realest,
Wouldn't be fightin' it.
I think your pride is just in the way,
Funny how everything changed,
Once you got all that you wanted,
Nothing was ever the same.
I don't need you
I still want you.
I don't mean to
But I, but I love you.
I don't need you
But I want you.
I don't mean to
But I love you.

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