Joe Dassin
Siffler Sur La Colline translation of lyrics

English translation of Siffler Sur La Colline by Joe Dassin
I saw her near a laurel tree.
She kept her white sheep
When I asked where it came from
Her skin is fresh, she tells me:
It is to ride in the dew
That makes the shepherds pretty
But when I said that with her
I'd like to ride there too, she told me
She told me to go whistle up on the hill.
To wait with a small bouquet of eglantines
I picked the flowers and I whistled as long as I could
I waited, I waited, she never came
At the village fair
One day I sigh
That I want to be an Apple
Hanging from an apple tree
And every time she goes by
She comes to bite me in
But it passed, and all in
Showing me her pretty teeth, she told me

Music video Siffler Sur La Colline – Joe Dassin

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