Julia Lindholm
S. O. S. translation of lyrics

English translation of S. O. S. by Julia Lindholm
You're so close to me
And yet, not there for me
And I always think
How can I reach you?
What happened to us?
Tell me, what's the point,
That I am in your world
Just one more shadow am?
I'm sending you signals, they mean " S. O. S. "
Do you hear the Bells by storm,
What are they called "S. O. S."?
Remember, sometime
Is it really spat
And who knows.?
No one knows how to proceed
Was it a wrong word,
That separates us all at once?
Don't you feel,
How the Earth burns around us?
I really am so wrong,
When it started with us?
Everything was just a leaf
From a kitsch novel?
I'm sending you signals, they mean "S. O. S.".

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