Juliane Werding
Weich Und Warm translation of lyrics

Also known as Weich und warm lyrics.

English translation of Weich Und Warm by Juliane Werding
You just brought me to the train
After this long-discussed night
I think I once again get nothing
Still warm from your arms
I'm about to start dreaming
And I feel again,
How it happened between us
Very soft and warm
Soft and warm
You crept in
Very quiet and very scary,
Enter the room that has no doors
Took me out of my dream,
Printed to my heart your negative,
So I now
Can't think of anything more
As soft and warm
Soft and warm
The questions you ask me,
Show me I know little about myself,
Because I feel what I feel,
Can't say
The train stops at the Terminus
Now I run quickly to the phone,
Because I realize,
I can tell you
Only soft and warm,
So soft and warm
Soft and warm
Soft and warm
Very soft and warm
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