Julie Zenatti
Prends soin de moi translation of lyrics

English translation of Prends soin de moi by Julie Zenatti
Will I fly? your silence
The words you won't say again
D? sarmer lindiff?reference
Long before she kills us
Jarracherai? the?obviousness
All these moments so close? heaven
Rich with bites and luck
Keep me in your eyes
Take care of me
I'm a little cold
All this time, what's wrong with us? proud
Without giving us a sign of life
Take care of me
Leaves Me no choice
M? I've had the edge of my madness
Live a second life
Without you
I know that the love is picking up
The dust? the days that pass
And under the innocent Sky
I want to keep us alive
If you see dragging lennui
Come on, before we lose
D? chirping into ptites cuts
Each of our wounds

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