Никто не возьмёт приз translation of lyrics

English translation of Никто не возьмёт приз by Карандаш
The enemy does not listen, friends remember
Fate shows the teeth necessary to tear them from the root
And if at the hands of the bracelets hangs lawman
His answer only one - thanks for the zirconium
The text on the palm, remember to have the line
The memory is already erased, like the buttons of the old Nokia
I'm not tall enough to think tall
Creative growth with size all Oki-Doki!
In this unrestrained struggle for a place near the throne
We all have a little logo on the black ass of the iPhone
He nipped each other, such fishing gear-fishing gear
Someone patch to be applied, someone the coffin
Without reflection on the fight, you can not do anything
And words I can't seem to find even a student of Philology
Wise in life as we know avoiding fights,
But if everyone's so smart, whose fight is this?
After all, no one will take this prize, sackers
The prize will be a draw
Saving money, don't shit bricks
Need to be higher wearing on you things
And not waste away on the metal as fantastic warlock
How many more to work, not to work at all
I don't know the secret, I'm just pulling this shit.
After all, it is better to filter the incoming time
Do not turn into a shop " 1000 little things"
Filtering outgoing to fish day
There was no one who will bring you a couple of breams
To get through life, and not by the nostril
It does not matter that in the end-the siren will be or trill
Not a pessimist, not an optimist-just stubborn
I'll be glad to have a glass,
And to drink from a foam Cup, perhaps even earlier
Those who do not win here, but for the sake of fun!
And maybe it's a game, a game in which no one will take the prize!
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