Keri Hilson
Excuse moi translation of lyrics

English translation of Excuse moi by Keri Hilson
Miss! Miss!
Fff, Yes?
You dropped your smile there.
Look a little, right there!
I'm taking the initiative to talk to you.
Your good Toad
The riffraff is good to miss
Don't worry, you won't be able to stall me.
As on this sound kainri, lart to please without making a crari, without making a bet
A grin and I'll make you laugh
Without sticking to you, or getting the trust like, " we were sconnering ."
"Lair etonne, I am made of truth, why lie?"
To buy your heart? No, you're gonna give it to me.
It's not about me, it's about the two of us.
A woman of my size, well, that would work better.
Don't call me Ma'am, let me call you Ma'am
Attitude of vislarde, reaction of vicious
It's off the record.
Whether you're black or white or both, forget about the ones
Who broke you, lese, let go, hurt you
After you ... well
Let my sound tapaiser
Excuse me, Miss
I want to know, not just put
Feelings and pennies hard to understand a bastard's life:
I cheat on loneliness, ... solo life
My money is easy, my trigger is easy
I love girls who are easy, strong or fragile
In love deceptions? Tinquietes!
We shuffle the moral, we shuffle the floppy.
More laps under my hat
Reimbursement in kind, all I have helmet
With the devil we'll be three in the room
I have a bad training: jtaffranchis jai three legs
It may end in blood, but we can end up together.
Shoot real bullets, make kids who look like me.
Let go of your texting number.
Abracadabra and vla que ca sexto
According to your freshness: Greek or restaurant, bus or metro, clio or merco
Ooh! You ... too much!
Charm of the ghetto: El Maestro
Tough, nerd, super strong.
Niagara Falls jmet cape as Cousteau
It's cool without falling asleep
And to sleep, in the wings of a plane of Beyonce
Geres your heart, it is the risk dtomber love
Sandwiched, naked, between Housni and Rohff
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