Keri Hilson
Turnin Me On translation of lyrics

Also known as You turning me off lyrics.

English translation of Turnin Me On by Keri Hilson
All you wanna do is
Holla at the cutest
Broads will get up in them draws by morning
Dont try to buy me bottles
Got my own dollars
I could by up the bar if I wanted
Im fly as hell swagga right brown skin poppin
Like dynamite raw like china white mama I
Dig your persona right
You look baby momma type
I know that got you kinda hype
My ice is albino white
I hope your vagina tight
I go under water and
I hope your parana bite
Hot carter
Im gonna kiss the spot for you
And Im gonna kiss it till you scream wait a minute ...
I turn you on like a handle
Like a television on the weather channel
Cause I make it rain girl
Now call me Wayne girl
You just a earthling
You aint never been to Waynes World
I play to win
I bait 'em in
I do my thang now your in love with an alien
Polow on the beat and Weezy ... Im at the plate again
Keri if you pitch it at me
Im gonna swing away at it
Someone better play the fence
Someone better tell 'em bout me

Music video Turnin Me On – Keri Hilson

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