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Didn't I Tell You translation of lyrics

Also known as didn't I tell yoooooou lyrics.

English translation of Didn't I Tell You by Keyshia Cole
Rollin me dubs, hangin wit my girls
I be havin my ...
Cause I dont deserve, all the games you play
Now you comin back this way-ay, but.
(too hort)
You goin out knowin everybodys watchin (you caint play her!)
But she can never be me and you know it baby (she play the Game!)
The truth is in the puddin, aint no way to hide it
Didnt I tell you, boy-oy? (i know she told you!)
You think you got her stuck? You must be smokin
She got a lotta money too, she aint no joke man!
We raised her good, she got the game befo' the fame
Keyshia Cole, aint nuttin changed, you know her name
You see her ridin somethin clean, lookin hella fly
I know you heard she "Changed Her Mind", Im 'bout to tell you why
She aint ... at the house, shes goin out!
To some exclusive, that you dont know about
Keyshia wont be curled up, ... wit her broke heart
She 'bout to get dressed and go Hardand if you wanna run the streets,
Chasin hoes dude
Shell be out chillin, cause you aint doin what you Sposed to
(didn't I tell yoooooou?)
(didn't I tell yoooooou?)
(didn't I tell yoooooou?)
Didnt I tell you, boy-oy?

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