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Also known as Get ready to slide up, open you wide up tonight lyrics.

English translation of Yakushi by Kitaro
If I go to jail will you come and get me out
If a ... got tickets, would you go and set it off
I dont know but Ima find out, thats what I wanna know
Cause Im looking for a girl, Im not looking for a hoe
Everyday I got a show, but I dont ... around
And a ... making money as soon as I touch the town
Im a million dollar star, with a million dollar car
We could get in the jacuzzi and blow a cigar
With some hash in it, six car garage with some Jags in it
... got a trunk, and I got ten bags in it
Went to buy some Gucci and some Prada
And ... know Im a leader Lil' Flip will never follow, holla
I was lying, about taking a walk in the park
But girl I got some weed, wheres the lighter lets spark
Ill tell you bout me, you tell me about you
And if you play it right I might start calling you boo
Got to cook for a ..., write a hook for a ...
If you say the laws coming, then look for a ...
Cause a ... need a gal, whos a ride or die chick
Excuse my french, I need a ride or die bitch

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