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Also known as We gone keep serving that green, John Mcenroe lyrics.

English translation of Berlin by Klangkarussell
We gone keep serving that heat, John Mcenroe
Disturbing the peace but calm casual
Americans with the grenades we bomb capitals
Yall can hate me, it just makes me
Greatly appreciate my great speech
The fake, weak, The great teach, On great beats
Teamed up with the sick goons made a great leap
Ill make a ape weep, and I break teeth
Dont make a grown man turn into a straight beast
Im straight street, the flows put a ... 8 feet
Its time to start the damn lesson, Time to take seats
Nice writing, ice white and, I like fighting
Carve a Tatoo in ya face like Mike Tysons
Haters wanna act all hard, they like icing
I watchem turn sweet when I spark the bright lighting
Yeah, they say hes sick, Kicks they from 86
Silver ones, and the silver gun with the baby clip
Mercedes whips, chill in spots where the ladies strip
The Vets, Sicknature and Snowgoons, a crazy click
Thanks to yall hatin' we on stacking doe
We gone keep serving that green, John Mcenroe
Disturbing the peace but calm casual
Im so far ahead, yall might think I visited from the future
Industry bruised me up, left me without the payment
Now this? bruise-bruce? produce the green without the use of gamma radiation

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