Константин Тарасов
Абакан translation of lyrics

English translation of Абакан by Константин Тарасов
In winter, blue in Abakan
Above the hotel Blizzard,
Bread over vodka in a glass,
Warms the wind climbs into the cracks.
Godforsaken land with a leaky sky
He's never been here before,
How could he see that?
Mouths in a dog's cry?
As in the Moscow courtyard,
Heard every syllable?
As through the General " Cheers!"
Heard the sighing Opera?
I could have.
He words have not confused
Nor did he hide it,
When us autumn on the morning
Accepted in October.
I'd like to hear what he says.
The happy times,
I wouldn't argue with him,
And now sit and howl
In the kitchen, in the track Li
Brew and booze,
Not for God's sake
Those who sang and knew why,
Who is in the melting snowdrift
In the Paris cemetery
Soaking wet.
Poisonous fields
Along the road to the idea
Of the gallows lights,
Board nailed on the restructuring
To the rotting barracks,
And thawed out the garbage
To help the surviving dogs.
Whether a cloud, " hamlet"
Who will open gave us,
Herod whether Stalin
Will we be weighed down?
Who is the soul of Li eye Li
See the face of Vice,
Despot prophet whether
Jesus send us?!
And yet in the Republic of Khakassia
Brew and booze,
In the kitchen, in the track Li
Not for God's sake
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