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English translation of Леди by Константин Тарасов
Oh, my dear, my incomparable lady!
Icebreaker is my sad, and my co-driver looking South,
And imagine that a star from the constellation Swan
Directly copper in the window watching me.
Directly in the same window the wind flies in,
Called in different places the monsoon, the trade wind,
It comes with a clear smile the letter reads,
Not sent because the addressee is missing.
Where, my child, have I missed you and misunderstood you?
Where, my friend, did he leave you on the way?
Where the guitar strumming, walked past the quiet symphonies,
Believing that these concerts are yet to come?
And carelessly I was pouring for the lamb sauce "tkemali",
And pictures watched in the morning on the Wallpaper others,
And I was accepted who did not understand,
And believed that happiness is the quality of lies.
Loneliness had been with me and wavy showcases
Reflected by a sad figure in a shabby cloak.
The figure on the wet asphalt rolling machine -
Completely empty, without any drivers at all.
And in deserted subway cars I flew through the years,
In a deserted ports followed and met himself,
And drove with me dance alone bad weather,
And everything was on this earth without you, without you.
Someone was walking around and mumbling something - I didn't hear.
The TV poked me in the face beauties - I was blind.
And hoping for an old friend and Alpine skiing,
I am still in this desolate land.
Oh, my dear, my incomparable lady!
My icebreaker stalled in ice, knocking out power
My Golden friend from the constellation Swan -
Not forget. Fall. Encourage. Guess. Save.
1979 - 18 Aug 1981
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