Константин Тарасов
Печали каменного пояса translation of lyrics

Also known as В Челябе звон, гудит толпа lyrics.

English translation of Печали каменного пояса by Константин Тарасов
And like the river that beyond the forest,
Aplasca work for nothing
We sank the raft with iron,
And gland sable.
Who is to blame? Yes seems certain.
Whom to execute? Themselves.
And if running, so there is no place like -
Demidova around the earth.
No better than penal servitude
Life with us, though a wolf howl.
And then to death beaten by kata
And sent to the slaughter.
Not on a lesson - forever-eternal.
Farewell, birds and thunderstorms.
We chain with wheelbarrows wedded,
You see only the teeth and the eyes.
Oh, Luli-Luli-luchinki,
Lost our little souls.
Yes if only we are heartfelt,
So how ... does not count.
And here broke through the ... vernal
Yes strive to tear down the dam.
Went ... to whip the wheel,
In Costume-city of the mortar pour.
Racing for the Stone zone
Went dashing working people.
In Chelyabinsk ringing, buzzing crowd,
Bells are ringing,
Under the drum, under the howl of horns
Enters Ivan Gryaznov.
And who is, and whose is?
Yes, he is an impostor and a thief,
Yes, he is a serf of the Demidov
Went on cheating,
Flowed Yes, hiding in the foliage,
Licked scars, soul callous,
Yes in Pugachev's army
He none the chieftain.
He is seated in the king's chair,
Repairs authorities a cool interview.
With the people all good but caresses -
Well, with the boyars seriously.
Intoxicate the head freedom,
A fair trial is held,
Yes sorry took refuge Governor -
I'd swing my belly in the wind.
In Chelyabinsk ringing, buzzing crowd,
Bells are ringing.
Under the drum, under the howl of horns
Celebrates the court of Ivan Gryaznov.
And who is, and whose is?
How long have you been walking around the world?
Old nun with a stick
Wonders for a stream,
Guessing but not knowing,
What Emelka betrayed.
Circling in the desert on the ...,
Waiting for blood crows.
How will recruitasia nasty
Yes, the womb despicable stuff,
Snow covered spots al,
Yes, only memory will not erase.
Oh, how much patience have we been given,
How much time will pass? -
Raise Russia with Dubya, with a spear
For the truth Lykovo people.
Oh, Luli-Luli-luchinki,
Our little souls won't stand it.
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