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Песня для старшей дочери translation of lyrics

English translation of Песня для старшей дочери by Константин Тарасов
Will the sky Shine through tomorrow,
The big moon will fade,
Will you have a fire to admire the fire,
No bride yet, nor a wife.
And I will not in the least sorry,
And before something to regret,
And yet no earthly sorrow has touched
Those thin girlish shoulders.
Will fall on ate heavy rain
Weightless, thick Starfall,
Will you be hot to talk about anything,
Wrong, wrong, wrong.
Through the open glass door in the field
Wander cornflower blue dawn.
It will be terrible with joy and loss,
And funny to be someone's advice.
Will be as you want stubborn soul,
And rumors condemnation, and shame,
And want in a city far away
And burn all the sheets and bridges.
On the tan of the shoulder will curl drain
In the dancing glare of the blind rain,
Will hodiki with him in the rhythm of the pulse to knock
And keep quiet when he's not with you.
And then will fall on roof down snow,
And Blizzard lullaby sing.
Will be in the window to glimpse the snow ...,
Will sledge on snow creak.
Will be speech wise and stingy smile,
And weaker new year's dope.
Will the girl your son home to see
Through the neon streets in fog.
You'll wait, you'll look out the window for a long time,
And already not fall asleep until morning,
And over the forest would be a silent companion to fly,
Will someone sit have a fire.
And over the forest would be a silent companion to fly
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