Константин Тарасов
Песня о моей жизни translation of lyrics

Also known as Вы хоть саван мне наденьте lyrics.

English translation of Песня о моей жизни by Константин Тарасов
Landscapes, landscapes, and views to boot,
Fields and woods - bliss!
Sun-warmed resorts and villas -
Give half my life for it.
At least put a shroud on me,
Though throw on a loop,
But nature costs money -
Every leaf on the ruble.
The smell of hay, the smell of ozone,
Summer day on the veranda
Worth the money ringing
Money-money, money-money,
Money, money, money.
All on birch catkins,
Ships in the sea -
This "treshki" and "treshki"
And rubles, rubles, rubles.
We honor our duty, our service,
But often we - the execution.
And there is no finer duty than friendship -
This mutual affection!
At least put a shroud on me,
At least throw me a noose,
Friend, he's worth the money too -
And not a ruble.
At the table night vigils,
Good thoughts and earth,
Consumption, consumption -
Rubles, rubles, rubles.
The elevation of the promotion,
If there's something in your pocket,
This is a continuation of friendship -
Mani, Mani, Mani, Mani,
Mani, Mani, Mani, Mani.
Ideas and things all over the world,
Sinful flesh and Holy soul,
Subject to coin, coin, coin,
You can't go anywhere without a penny.
At least put a shroud on me,
At least throw me a noose,
We can't live without money,
Soul gave the ruble.
And branded cloth,
And for jeans and sheepskin coat
Sell native folder,
Grandpa and grandma and sister.
The terrible voice, the voice of the prophetic,
Call your possession:
Things, things, things, things,
Money, money, money, money,
Things, things, money, money,
Desi, desi, veggi, veggi.
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