Константин Тарасов
Прогноз translation of lyrics

English translation of Прогноз by Константин Тарасов
Walking wind at the crossroads.
Noisy celebration here yesterday.
And disassemble the platform on the Board,
Where only recently was the theater.
Here actors people duped,
Hamlet didn't look like a Prince.
And people tears really Lily,
Giving the last penny at the entrance.
Wind, wind, wind, wind, wind,
Is prazdneho echo "Hooray!"
Cleaner came and with a sigh noticed,
Scratching his bald spot: "it's Time."
Ordinary people are like children,
But I know for certain in all ages -
Whatever the forecast and the wind,
You can't quit your job.
But is a fashion to blame the weather,
Go for the truth wherever laziness.
The intersections are full of people,
And by the way - working day.
The charismatic voice said
In millions of radio systems:
According to the forecast the wind, the wind,
The wind - and so far no change.
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