Константин Тарасов
Речной трамвай translation of lyrics

English translation of Речной трамвай by Константин Тарасов
On the longest street in Moscow,
On the quietest street in Moscow,
Where there is no foliage, but a lot of blue,
The tram glides along the bridge.
Moscow-12 is not an icebreaker.
There is no need for songs or words.
And me with you so simply and easily,
And Moscow-the river - not Neva.
And in summer amusement parks smoke,
Easy love and sadness unreliable,
And we look at it from the deck,
The plot of the play knowing by heart.
But our voyage is doomed to happiness.
And not to frighten it casually.
And only a shoulder for a shoulder,
When the wave excites our tram.
From the collisions on the sides of the stigma.
Oh, our destinies are like ships,
A bit of paint, a temporary repair, -
And so we went sailing again.
The end point of the asphalt pier,
We go into life, leaving a quiet Paradise,
Ah, if only until old age rocked
Moscow-12, an old tram.
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